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Sun Hotel is the ideal resort for golfers. The closest golf course is less than 10min drive and there are six other golf courses within 30 min drive from the hotel.
Marienbad Golf Club, the closet course to the Sun Hotel, dates back to 1905 and it is the oldest golf course in the Czech Republic. It is an example of the 19th century Scottish and Irish golfing architecture. The Course is 787 meters above sea level and it had been built under the close supervision of the Scottish professional player Duig.
From the very beginning the course showed exceptional popularity among the English and American Guests. HM Edward VII, the King of the United Kingdom and the British Ambassador in Vienna were the first to become Club Members. The popularity of the Golf Course grew rapidly and with the financial support of King Edward VII, in 1923 it was extended from 9 to 18 holes.
In 2003 HM Elizabeth II had granted the Golf Club in Marienbad with the title Royal Golf Club which makes it the only one outside the Common Wealth. It is frequently visited by British Royalties; in 2005 it was visited by HRH Prince Edward.
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